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Anita A.

I was born in Toronto and raised in the GTA. I attended York U, where I received my bachelor’s in Business and a Certificate for Medical Admin through Sheridan. At an early age of 18 I met my Partner and became a teen mother. I am a mother of 3 beautiful humans and 1 dog baby.

Throughout my life I encountered many obstacles; many of which I can now see, deeply affected my mental health. From being a teen mother, finding my way around postpartum emotions, to diving into a job where the environment was so toxic that I started questioning myself.


I found a job that supported my needs, this job was my turning point. I was immersed into a workplace with inadequate support, unfair treatment and a hostile environment. I continued to stay because the money I was earning, paid for my mortgage, my child’s activities and my education. I came to learn the company did not support any improvements to ensure employees were healthy or productive. Things started to spiral out of control and my human and employee rights were compromised. It ended in not only a tedious legal battle but also, the breakdown of my mental health. All these stressors led to mental health issues; depression, anxiety, rumination and panic attacks. This in turn affected my relationships at home and seemed to not get any better.

My turning point was when I started working for a mental health clinic, this is where I met my wonderful business partners. I was listened to, supported and provided with great strategies, I finally felt heard and understood. I saw how much these therapists cared about their clients, these therapists showed me how important addressing mental health issues with a professional was. I truly saw what a difference it made to have the support of a therapist.

I truly believe my path has led me to be an advocate for mental health. Living it firsthand has made me aware of the need to have mental health providers in everyone’s life. I want everyone to know how beneficial and just as important seeing a therapist is, as much as seeing a doctor when you’re feeling ill, to a dentist when you have a toothache. This is why Yellow Umbrella Wellness was created, Yellow Umbrella Wellness is where we are building awareness and advocating for mental health, where my personal mission statement is providing a healthy, balanced environment for everyone we meet on this journey.

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“An advocate for change against violence and the immigration process and all the impacts of assimilating within the Canadian Culture”

After leaving an abusive relationship, Maureen wanted to use her lived experiences to pursue a career in something that would lead her to help others. She is currently a Registered Social Worker with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers.

Maureen P.


In addition to mental health therapy, we specialize in therapy that focuses on immigration processes & newcomer transitions to Canada, as well as infertility issues and its effects on relationships. Through our psychotherapeutic supports we work with you to help manage your stress and anxiety, and to work through your mental health concerns.


At Yellow Umbrella Wellness, we offer one-on-one as well as group and family counselling options. You can expect to develop an increased understanding of yourself and your stressors, as well as healthy ways to manage the daily struggles that can leave you feeling unmotivated, unsuccessful, and unhappy. Together, we can address the self-protective behaviours that no longer serve you. 


We use a number of different models and approaches to inform the type of services we provide. You can expect to discuss this further during your initial counselling/psychotherapy session.


We work with children aged 4+, youth, couples and adults for issues that are current or working on past traumas.

Pandemic Stress

Children & Families Therapy

Mental Therapy

Couples Counselling

Individuals Counselling

Counselling for New Comers

Anger Management

Anxiety & Depression

Stress Management

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